Analysis procedure

How we operate

Most of our tasks in vehicle or machine acoustics consist of analyzing and understanding complex systems from interactions. We’re able to draw on a wide spectrum of testing methods in order to find a solution approach for your acoustics and vibration engineering problems.
Our analysis encompasses, if required, the acoustic and psychoacoustic stocktaking of the entire system as well as testing individual subsystems, parts, and noise paths. The reproduction of measurement and analysis results is a cornerstone of our work. Through strict observance of temperature profiles, excitation magnitudes, and boundary conditions, we guarantee an evaluation of test results based on technical expertise.
Our methods of measurement are individually adjusted for every separate application. The subsequent professional tests of the results based on variation attempts, practical values, and simulation comparisons round out the systematic process.

The typical methodologies used in our daily work include

Air and vibration analysis

Direct force measurement

Source localization

Modal analysis - running mode shape analysis

Transfer path analysis / transfer functions

Rotation vibrometry