Product development

How we support you

As an innovative development partner, we can monitor and design subdisciplines or acoustic projects for you along the development process of your product. This begins with the creation of the basic goals, plans, and concepts, and encompasses simulations and attempt methods as well as extensive project management. Likewise, an interdisciplinary supplier management is possible. We offer you solutions that fit from one source.

Naturally, strict adherence to legal regulations of service contract conformity and the guarantee of your prototype safety are part of the project process for us.

In cooperation with the Akustikzentrum Lenting GmbH, we offer comprehensive test bench projects for various possible business models, including the Build Own Operate (BOO) and Built Operate Transfer (BOT) models.

In this context, the development of suitable component test benches for specially defined measuring tasks can also be worked out through us, and built with the fellow subsidiary and then put into operation.